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Selling a Motorhome on Consignment vs. Private Sale

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It is now established truth that devices quickly deteriorate when not in use and incur unneeded costs. A motorhome is the ideal example of this fact.

If you own a recreational vehicle and you find yourself in a scenario where you are no longer utilising the vehicle, you should sell or rent the RV to someone who needs it. The vehicle can also be kept in storage, but doing so will incur costs for storage space, upkeep, and repairs. Additionally, the longer the vehicle is left in your store, the more value it will lose.

Selling the car appears to be the quickest and most straightforward way to recover some of your investment if you decide to upgrade to a more recent model or the finest option to acquire more funds. The question of "which is the best-selling channel, consignment or private sale?" has long been up for discussion.

The opinions have always been varied because of personal taste, but this article will clarify the issue by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of selling through private sales and consignment shops.

What are Consignment sales and Private Sales?

Motorhome consignment refers to the act of delegating the task of seeking a buyer for a motorhome. The word "consignment" indicates to give duties to someone for a price (charge or fee). An agent or dealer who receives payment for the sale of the motorhome takes care of this duty.

A private sale, on the other hand, is indicated by its name. Motorhome owners who choose to sell their vehicles privately do so without the assistance of a salesperson. Both of these sale methods have benefits and drawbacks.

Merits and Demerits: RV Consignment Sale vs. RV Private Sale

  1. RV Consignment Sale: There are three parties involved here (motorhome seller -> middleman / Consignment dealer-> motorhome buyer)

Benefits of Motorhome Consignment Sale

Motorhome consignment may be the best-selling strategy for a variety of reasons. These motives consist of:

  1. The motorhome seller does not need to go through the stress of advertising

  2. The motorhome seller can make optimal use of the dealer’s services

  3. The motorhome will be sold within a short period

Drawbacks of Motorhome Consignment Sale

  1. The seller is responsible for the repairs of the RV

  2. The seller makes a little profit since the motorhome RV dealer has his percentage

(b) Private sale: There are two parties involved (motorhome seller -> motorhome buyer)

Benefits of Motorhome Private Sale

  1. The full profit for the motorhome sale is earned

  2. The seller determines the price of the motorhome

Drawbacks of Motorhome Private Sale

  1. The seller has to go through the stress of advertising.

  2. It is risky cause there is a chance of not finding a buyer due to the seller not having access to multiple sites for advertisements.


It is up to the motorhome seller to decide which motorhome selling is ideal. Consignment sales provide a unique opportunity for speedy motorhome vehicle sales. Private sale fits the bill for a chance to boost sales without sharing the money with anyone. But this post has provided a clearer explanation of how each sale strategy operates.

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