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Choosing the best web design agency in Australia

  • Written by Blurn

Choosing the best web design agency in Australia could be a difficult task. There are almost an unlimited number of agencies in the market now. Some of them could be located in your neighborhood while others could be hundreds of miles away. Browsing each of their websites and portfolios could take months to shortlist a handful and finally, pick one. But here’s how you can make this task easier – just choose Perhaps you’re thinking what is it that makes Blurn’s web design and development the best of the lot in Australia. Let’s check some of the key factors and how Blurn fares with respect to them to understand what makes it the undisputed leader in this domain.

1.      Level of expertise

Your chosen agency should have the right skills and adequate knowledge of modern tools and technologies to handle the job competently. Blurn has 13+ years of experience in website design and development. They have professionals on board who are fluent in JavaScript, HTML, HTML 5, PHP, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. Their past projects include working with leading platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal (Uber Cart), Zen Cart, osCommerce, and MivaMerchant. The team of Blurn often creates new solutions on custom platforms to meet their clients’ unique business requirements. Blurn’s design and development professionals can handle all tasks – big or small – adeptly.

If you need small tasks done like logo creation and social media creatives, these experts will create products that match your requirements! Even when you have projects with a larger scope of work such as a landing page design, full website redesign, or mobile-first website, the team at Blurn will design and build a unique site that aligns well with your corporate persona. Thus with Blurn, you can rest assured of having the most competent professionals working on your web design and development tasks – no matter how big or small, or how simple or complex they are.

2.      Industry experience and portfolio

What level of industry experience your chosen web design and development firm have is an important criterion to check. Additionally, you should also find if they have worked on any project similar to yours. Blurn has a varied and vivid work portfolio as it has got experience working for some of the biggest websites that you’ll find online today along with some startups and medium sites. Between their two co-owners, they have got 23+ years of combined industry experience. This along with their 13+ years of industry experience means you’re likely to find a portfolio of work that has something similar to what you want to get done.

Even if they don’t, you can always ask them for a paid mockup to see if they fit your needs. Delivering high-quality work consistently for over a decade means earning the respect of peers and clients. This holds true for Blurn and this forms the foundation of the firm’s reputation too. Perhaps this explains why their first client is still happily working with them. Blurn is also fully committed to each campaign to ensure maximum profitability for their clients.

So when a firm checks all the boxes for industry experience, varied portfolio, and market reputation, you just can’t go wrong with it.

3.      The actual process

How does your chosen design and development firm work? Do they jump right into the work from the word go or do they spend time to understand your needs? Or else do they ask questions to get the scope of work clear? Do they also give feedback and inputs on what would work the best for your business or project? All these are important factors to check because they indicate your chosen firm’s commitment to the task at hand. The web design and development process at Blurn is unique and follows six-steps. They adopt a strategy to ensure they understand your requirements correctly and work accordingly to wow you with the end product!

Their first step towards designing and developing your website is to find out your goals and overall requirements to create the project’s scope of work. Next, they create a series of wireframes for every page of the website for your review. Step 3 involves making the revisions, if you need any, and getting the design confirmed. Step 4 involves developing the site. Step 5 is where they’ll test the website for errors or issues in functionality and fix them, if they find any. Step 6 - the final step is where the team will make the site go live after you’ve reviewed the full website and approved it.

4.      People who’ll work on the project

When you hire Blurn for your web design and development work, you’ll know who would be working on your project and what roles they have in the agency. Often, people choose a reputed name and hire them only to find later on that their project has been outsourced to the lowest bidder overseas. This means even when you get sold on a company, the end result would be nowhere close to what you had envisioned.

But when you work with Blurn, you can rest assured of not being exposed to such unpleasant situations. They have full-time expert employees onboard and each of these true experts is hardworking, honest, transparent in their dealings and totally dedicated to client success. Thus, when it comes to getting the work done by leading industry experts, you’ll get what Blurn promises to deliver – top-notch experts working on your design and coding requirements.

Working with Blurn would not only help multiply your profits but also bring additional benefits your way. The company has proven website development experience of creating heavily mobile-focused websites. It’s also nationally recognized for its work in the domain of SEO and social media.

This means you won’t have to go anywhere else when you need services like local SEO, SEM/PPC advertising, email and SMS marketing and so on. Blurn brings all these services and much more under the same roof to ensure you have everything in one place. Thus, from creating a website to making it visible online, attracting traffic, and converting leads into sales you can do all that and even more with Blurn as your partner. Blurn is a leading profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency offering a wide range of digital marketing services, including: Australia,
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