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4 Questions that Will Help You Choose a Perfect Handbag

  • Written by Diana Smith

You have been invited to an event. Great! You have been thinking about what you will be wearing, trying to come up with an outfit for weeks and you know the perfect combination of hair and makeup that will surely get you noticed. Now the only thing left to decide on is a perfect handbag, but with a closet full of them – or a set budget for a new investment – it can be pretty difficult to decide what you should go for. So here are 4 questions you need to answer that will guide you through the process:

How long will you be wearing it?

Occasions can vary drastically, and depending on the type of event, you might want to opt for a more practical bag to carry around. For example, if you are going to get an assigned seat and stay there for the most part of the evening, or at least leave your bag in the same spot, then you can get away with a simple clutch with no straps and nothing to get in your way. However, if you are going to be standing a lot or walking around, something with a chain or a strap will be very useful, since you will want your hands free for the evening. If it’s going to be a very long night, consider a cross-body chain that will relieve your shoulders of stress at least a bit.

What do you need to fit into it?

Sometimes, all you’ll be needing are your phone and some cash. In those cases, you can get away with the smallest clutch in the world, or even just a phone case. But, some nights are a lot more demanding and you will end up with a bag full of various items you might need during the event. If this is the case, bring a larger bag, rather than a smaller one. If you are packing makeup or other toiletries, pack them in an individual, smaller bag, to avoid having to take the entire bag with you every time you go to the bathroom.

Do you have an accent color?

A bag is an amazing fashion accessory, and a great addition to any outfit, but since you probably won’t be carrying it around the entire evening, you can’t make it the only focal point of your outfit. Inspect your outfit once more and see which detail you can combine with the bag to really make it pop. If you are wearing a little black dress, put a large, red flower in your hair and pair it with a red handbag. It will be a perfect match, and the bag won’t stand out on its own. Also, think about your shoes, lipstick, jacket and jewelry, and make sure everything goes well together.

What is the occasion?

We should always try to match our outfit to the occasion. For example, you won’t take an expensive, white leather bag to a children’s birthday party, because there is a high chance it will get damaged. If you want to invest in something that you can bring to most occasions, look for high-quality Italian leather bags, something in a darker shade or with a textured finish. This kind of bag will last you a long time, and if you chose the right style and shade, it will be appropriate for almost any occasion. Pay attention to size and design, especially if you are looking for something more extravagant.

After all, your bag can really make or break your outfit or your night, so make sure you give it the thought and time it deserves and choose your bag wisely.

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