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Activities for Your Queensland Bucket List

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Queensland is a great place to be in when you want a trip filled with activities for a tropical climate. The state itself is surrounded by beautiful islands and beaches that will satisfy your cravings for water adventures. In this article, you’ll learn about the unforgettable activities for your Queensland bucket list.

Snorkel at The Great Barrier Reef

First on the list is snorkeling at The Great Barrier Reef. This place is a World Heritage site, protected by UNESCO. The whole area is very serene and peaceful. You will be able to dive with a variety of marine animals while looking at the beautiful coral reefs underwater.

Explore Daintree National Park

Not far from The Great Barrier Reef is Daintree National Park. This park has very spectacular rainforests. You will be able to see a lot of plant species everywhere. Aside from the luscious greens here, what makes this place special is the cultural importance it imposes on the tourists.

Listen to the Waves at Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for a very chill weekend getaway, Sunshine Coast is a very great place to go. There are animal sanctuaries that you can visit and of course, the beautiful beach where you can bathe both in the water and the sun.

Enjoy the Views at Kuranda

The village in Kuranda is a magical place to visit. The artsy galleries and the inspiring locals will touch your heart. The journey to Kuranda is also very interesting because of the scenic views that you get to see while you’re on your way. You also need to try riding the Kuranda Scenic Railway to roam around the area while sitting inside a train.

Eat Your Heart Out at Cairns

Cairns is the place to be when you want to eat good food and find quality products to buy for you and your loved ones. There are tons of shops and restaurants in the area that you will love because of their authenticity and hospitality.

There are also entertainment hubs in the city like bars and casinos. However, if you are not fond of crowded places, you can stay at your hotel and play at the top Australian online casinos. You can have fun and win some money if you’re lucky.

Island-Hop at Whitsunday Islands

Do you want adventure? Do some island hopping at Whitsunday Islands. There are a lot of islands to go to in Queensland. And you will experience different activities on each island that you visit. You can either kayak, paddleboard, surf, or swim with your friends and family.

Surf Until You Drop In the Beaches of Gold Coast

Even if you are not a professional surfer, you will still want to experience surfing at the Gold Coast. This is the most popular surfing spot in the whole of Australia because of its big and beautiful waves. Surfing competitions are also held here and if you get to watch one, try to soak into the experience and enjoy it.

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