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Serenity Press officially launches the first three of Sarah, Duchess of York’s whimsical children’s books

  • Written by Candice Meisels

31st July 2020, Serenity Press, is proud to officially launch the first three books in Duchess Serenity Collection. Karen McDermott, Founder of Serenity Press will interview Sarah, Duchess of York live on Facebook @sarahferguson15 and YouTube @sarahferguson Friday 31st of July at 5 pm AWST, 7 pm AEST and 10 am UK time.


The Enchanted Oak Tree written by Sarah, Duchess of York, and illustrated by Veronica Rooke, is a charming tale about an old oak tree that is not what it seems.


Sarah, Duchess of York states: “I was brought up on a farm in Hampshire with oak trees surrounding me. I have a fascination with the oak tree, which seems so reliable, and I always feel safe near them. The eyebrows on my oak tree are a tribute to my late father’s very bushy eyebrows. I wanted to honour the fabulous childhood he gave me playing amongst the oak trees at Dummer.”


Open the antique gate and enter a secret garden where a world of enchantment and wonder awaits…Children will delight in this charming tale about an old oak tree that is not what it seems, for frolicking fairies make their home among its sheltering branches. When the fairies spy from on high that Lily the Lamb is in trouble they discover it will take more than a sprinkle of magic dust to free her. Perhaps the Butterfly Catchers will know what to do. Can they help to return calm and harmony to the Secret Garden and all the creatures who dwell in it? Will they come to see the old oak tree for what it truly is - the heart of this special place? An enchanting, heart-warming tale from Sarah, Duchess of York.


RRP $18.95 Soft Cover

RRP $26.95 Hard Cover


Genie Gems meets Arthur Fantastic is a magical soft cover chapter book for 6-8-year old children, illustrated by David William Press.


Sarah, Duchess of York says: “I love horses and I want to bring magic into people’s lives. Arthur Fantastic is about a very colourful unicorn, but because he is different, he doesn’t fit in. All the brown horses who live in the field with him, believe Arthur is weird and tease him. 


I strongly believe that there needs to be more kindness in the world. Why should someone be mocked because they have ginger hair, a mole on their chin, or a cleft palate, for example. I want children to see that it is okay to be different.


The book tells the story of how Arthur goes in search of Happy. On the way, he makes friends and learns valuable lessons. He is helped by Genie Gems. Happy is made up of many different strands, not just one thing. You will see the plaited ribbons (like the Maypole) where Happy is many different strands plaited together... When Arthur returns to the field of horses, he transforms their lives.”

A delightful tale full of magic, wonder, and whimsy from Sarah, Duchess of York.

Arthur the unicorn feels like an outsider in the meadow where the horses see only his difference and not his magnificence. They don’t believe in unicorns and magic and they haven’t smiled for so long they have forgotten how to. Sometimes Arthur is so lonely he wishes he were ordinary instead of special.
There is only one thing for him to do - leave the meadow and go in search of ‘happy’. If he can bring ‘happy’ back to the grumpy horses, surely, they will want him to join the herd. Arthur’s quest takes him deep into The Magic Forest where he encounters magical characters and makes new friends who each give him a special gift as he follows his dream. Will Genie Gems and her Sword of Truth help Arthur Fantastic combine the essence of the coloured ribbons to uncover their true meaning?

RRP $14.95 Soft Cover


Genie Gems: Mission to Devon is a chapter book for 8 to 10-year old children with an important environmental message from Sarah, Duchess of York. The soft cover book is illustrated by David William Press.

Sarah, Duchess of York adds: “Genie Gems was inspired by my daughter Eugenie’s passion for reducing the use of single-use plastics. Eugenie is strong, determined and always looks for the truth in everything she does. In her work with the Anti-Slavery Collective, she steadfastly campaigns to give everyone the chance to have a voice, as does my heroine Genie. 


This encouraged me to visualize Genie Gems and how I could use her as a vessel to educate children on the importance of looking after our planet. Her first project is to help the fish made sick by microbeads in the river, but she will continue on her crusade to help the environment and make a better future for our children and grandchildren. 


I called her Genie Gems as she utilizes the magical, colourful stones as messages of hope, joy, love, harmony, etc I love the use of colour in my life and adore Nature’s gift of Gems. Everyone needs colour to make their life more beautiful.”


Blurb:  A schoolgirl on a planet saver quest… An evil lord who wants to harm the environment and bring misery to all who live on the planet… Join Genie Gems on a rescue mission that will demand all her courage, the support of a loyal band of friends plus a touch of magic if she is to succeed in defeating Lord Darkly. His plan to poison the rivers is a serious threat to the environment in beautiful Devon and his Extreme Team of All Things Unclean will do all he asks of them to see this happen. Armed with her Sword of Truth and magic gems, Genie must find a way to put things right before it’s too late. Accompanied by orphan dragon Derek and with a little help from gadget specialist Professor Widget and her friends, Genie has a challenging task: to defeat Lord Darkly and his monster assistants and reverse the effects of his powerful Apathy Ray on the community. Will she overcome the evil Lord and save the environment?


RRP $16.95 Soft Cover

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