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MooGoo Has Launched into Top UK Retail Chain Holland & Barrett

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On a growth trajectory, Australian skincare brand MooGoo has just launched in 550 Holland & Barrett (H&B) stores in the UK - this is on the back of another significant deal with retail giant Lloyds pharmacies UK, implemented late last year. 


The Aussie brand has been performing exceptionally well in international markets, with MooGoo online sales up 90 percent in the UK alone.


MooGoo CEO Melody Livingstone, says the Gold Coast-based business has seen a marked rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“Since March our online sales across the board in Australia and the UK, are also up more than 80 percent,” says Ms Livingstone.


“We have had a lot of people come to us looking for relief for skin problems, mostly caused by continuous washing of hands or using harsh anti-bacterial hand sanitisers,” she says.


“There is also a lot of anxiety surrounding the pandemic, which seems to have increased eczema, psoriasis and other skin flare ups.”


The products are supported by the British equivalent of the Medicare – the NHS – and MooGoo is offering discounts and charity donations where possible. 


While in-store figures were initially slow due to the UK’s lengthy lockdown, online sales for both Holland & Barrett and MooGoo, which has more than 40 natural products that help a range of skin problems, including eczema and psoriasis, have been significant.


Online sales across the board at Holland & Barrett have been reported to be up 300-400* percent across Ireland and the UK following the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.


Now that ‘non-essential’ UK shops are beginning to open, high street retailers such as Holland & Barrett may see an increase in sales as shoppers are able to browse stores. 


“The launch of MooGoo into retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Lloyds signifies a change in consumer behaviour when it comes to treating skin concerns,” says Ms Livingstone.


“Consumers are becoming a lot more knowledgeable about product ingredients and are increasingly seeking natural treatments and remedies.”


In May, the company ‘broke its own rules’ of only manufacturing natural products to offer an alcohol-based hand sanitiser after being inundated with requests from its fans - and selling out of the first two batches.




About MooGoo

MooGoo is an entire range of natural and gentle products, designed for babies and people with sensitive, easily irritated skin. MooGoo started out in Craig Jones’s home, when he was searching for something to help his mother, who suffers from dermatitis and psoriasis. As the only cream that had worked for his mum was a cream used on dairy cows, he decided to come up with his own version and whipped up a natural cream in his kitchen. His 'Udder Cream' cleared up his mother's skin condition and he was inundated with friends and family wanting it too. MooGoo now sells an eczema cream every one minute and 45 seconds. The rest is history!


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