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Where to Take Your Kids for Fun in New Zealand

You know kids and parties go together like kids and playing in the mud, you can't have one without the other. Sometimes, kids just want to get together with their friends and play games, but when kids turn 10 or 11 they feel like birthday parties aren't for them anymore. This is where kids' party venues come into play. Kid’s birthday party venues serve as a place that kids will love to play video games or play sports while celebrating another year on this earth. Here are some places kids of all ages will enjoy visiting for their birthday party:

Timezone NZ

If your child loves gaming then this is the best place to have their next birthday party. With over 40 years of experience in bringing fun & games to kids' birthday parties, kids will have a blast trying out the newest games & activities Timezone NZ has to offer. They have three kids' birthday party packages that are well-tailored to make sure your child feels special during their birthday. Check out their website to see some of the amazing offers they provide.

Bounce Inc

Kid’s birthday party venues don't get much better than this. With locations across Auckland, you're sure to find a place that's not too far from you. Kids can bounce off all their energy by jumping on one of Bounce Inc's many inflatable playgrounds, laser tag arenas & mini-golf courses.

Flight Experience

Kids love planes and dream about flying high above the clouds. Now, they can do it for real at Flight Experience where kids feel like they are really in the sky soaring through the air with virtual reality (VR) headsets. This is also something you'd think kids would want to do but kids will love it.

Auckland Zoo

With the zoo only taking up 4 hectares of land, kids get to see and learn about more animals than they normally would inside a bigger zoo. Kids can feed the wallabies & kangaroos; pet farm animals; play with meerkats; meet lions, tigers, and bears at an interactive keeper talk, and even get close to exotic birds like parrots and owls. This is one of the best kid’s birthday party venues to not only have fun but learn about animals.

WETA Cave and Waterworks

Kids won't be able to stop talking about this place for months or maybe years afterward. When kids enter the cave, they feel like they're stepping back in time surrounded by wizards and magical creatures. Kids can dress up in robes, drink a magic potion & if they're good enough, kids might even get chosen to face a dragon.

Rainbow's End

Kids love fairground rides, especially kids' birthday parties when the weather isn't so nice, which makes Rainbow's End one of the favorable kids birthday party venues. Kids won't have to wait long for their turn at all the fun with unlimited rides included in the price. If kids, teens, or even adults want an extra special day out then go on a weekday and you'll get more than just unlimited rides. It is time for them to play their favorite arcade games and enjoy some of the best shows around including live shows by Weta Workshop animatronic characters from movies like Avatar and Lord of The Rings.


Kid’s birthday party venues are definitely important to kids especially when kids think they're too old for kids' birthday parties. kids will enjoy their time celebrating with friends with great activities kids wouldn't normally try out like laser tag, arcade games & virtual reality experiences.

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