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Tips to Stay Motivated When Learning a New Language

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Learning a new language is such a daunting task. You need resilience and the right attitude to keep you going even when you feel like slacking off. After some time of continuous learning, you are likely to feel burned out and not motivated anymore. That is the killer of all the dreams of learning a new language.

Here are some of the ways to keep you going when you feel like giving up;

  • Remember the reason for starting 

Everyone has a reason they started to learn a new language. Maybe you were looking to expand your career prospects, reconnect with your heritage or want to visit a new country. Once you get to learn the language, your brain slips from these goals. By recalling them, the brain becomes more stimulated to keep you going. So always have the reason for learning the new language in mind.

  • Be disciplined, but flexible 

Consistency is one of the factors that determine how long you take to learn the language. No matter how much you want to stay consistent, some days will not turn out to be the best. Some days the brain will feel like it’s not ready to take in anything. It is not a catastrophe. Even the gym guys have a cheat or rest day.

Instead of beating yourself up over the missed day, use it to refresh the brain to come up to leaning more focused. The renewed energy improves your learning. Still, always strive to stick to your schedule.

  • Incorporate the new language into other aspects of your life 

Incorporating the culture of the target language is another way to improve your learning. The learning should not stop within the confines of the learning materials. Instead, incorporate it into your daily life.

Consider eating food from the country whose language you are learning. Visit their restaurants or find their recipes online. You could also search for the local musicians and bands online and listen to them extensively. Even watching Tv shows with subtitles in the target language works.

The more ways you incorporate the language in your activities the more fun it becomes to learn.

  • Use the right learning material 

At times your lack of motivation cannot be anything to do with you. Instead, it can be that you are using a learning medium that makes the process so cumbersome. You need flexible learning material that allows you to learn any language, anytime, anywhere without restrictions.

The best way to choose the learning material is the delivery method. Look for a learning app that allows you to control the pace and provides interactive learning options.

  • Identify distractions 

Distraction is the major way to lose motivation when learning a new language. You have to identify it then look for ways to avoid it. Given that most people learn online, some of the common distractions are social media and unnecessary research. Once you identify the distraction, understand if you can do without it. If so then keep it away from reach. 

The other option is to set aside time for distractions away from the learning time. Ensure discipline to stay free from distractions. 

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