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3 Ways to Make New Friends When you Move Abroad

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One of the things that people worry about when they are moving abroad is making friends and learning to socialize in a new space. While a lot of people find this a very stressful part of changing addresses, others find it extremely exciting to get to know other people and make new acquaintances.

After all, when you are moving abroad you have to keep an open mind and become more accepting of other people that might be involved in your new life. This doesn't mean that you have to completely cut off contact with your previous friends, however, when you are moving to a different place abroad, you want to get to know people in order to have friends to socialize with on a daily basis.

Making new friends abroad doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. There are various things that people do nowadays in order to meet others. Avoid the stress of thinking of ways to make new friends and follow this list in order to find the option that suits your needs in the best way.

1. Facebook Groups

Nowadays, there are Facebook groups for just about everything, so take this opportunity to join a new group in the place where you are moving so that you can start getting to know some of the people there.There are some Facebook groups dedicated entirely to people that are moving abroad to specific places. For instance, if you are moving to Paris, you can search a group of foreigners in Paris, to get to know the people that are also new in this place.

2. Online Games and Apps

Everyone knows that technology nowadays has made it possible for people to meet others virtually. From dating apps to even online gaming platforms, there are various ways people can get to know another person through the use of technology. For instance, if you are using a dating app, make sure you change your location to the new place where you are moving in order to find people who are also living there. Even if you are not dating, let people know you are interested in making friends. Even through online gaming sites such as, you might have the opportunity to chat with other players and engage in conversation in order to make new friends.

3. Join a Gym

A great way to make new friends in a new location is by going somewhere frequently where you might get to know some people. For instance, choosing to join a gym might be a great idea, as you are very likely to attend this place on a daily basis, and sooner than later you'll realize how you can engage in conversation with different people and eventually start making friends.

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