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Why Hiring a Professional Electrician Beats DIY Every Time

Electricity is an everyday necessity that we all need to get most of our things done, from showering and cooking to charging our most beloved mobile devices. However, like anything human-made, your electric system is also susceptible to damage over time. You will need to replace that faulty water heater or replace flickering lighting fixtures to ensure their optimal performance. 

Now, with most DIY tutorials only a click away, it's easy for you to take up your electrical projects and brush off the idea of hiring a reputable residential electrician. And, of course, we get you - DIY is budget-friendly, and it gets the job done - at least for a moment. Unfortunately, such solutions are not reliable and can result in costly damages and unfortunate accidents.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why hiring a professional electrician will always beat DIY. Stick around to learn why you should ditch the idea of playing with electrical systems on your own and hire a local electrician near you. 

5 Reasons You Should Opt for Professional Electricians Rather Than DIY 

Unbeatable Expertise 

This goes even without saying. Electrical work is more than just connecting wires. It demands a deeper understanding of circuits, grounding and load calculations. While watching detailed DIY tutorials may give you the confidence to tackle the issue, there is a lot more that can go wrong during the process. You may choose the wrong type of wire or even fail to secure the connections correctly. Misjudging wire capacities can also lead to severe damage.

Hiring a residential or commercial electrician means you have someone who understands every aspect of an electrical project. They have in-depth knowledge of how to troubleshoot complex electrical problems, replace damaged systems, and perform tests to ensure that everything is working properly. 

Cost Savings 

While DIY may seem budget-friendly at the moment, trust us, it's way more costly than you think. Let's get technical here for a minute. So, you want to replace that damaged hot water heater. You get one and install it per the video's instructions. Great job, you got it working. However, you will need to get another hot water heater in a week's time. Wondering why? Well, you never fixed the root problem that led your heater to get damaged in the first place. 

Having a reputable residential electrician means they will identify the root problem, install the hot water heater properly and ensure that the damage doesn't occur again. While the upfront costs can be a bit high, you can rest assured that the issue will be dealt with for years to come. 

Guaranteed Safety 

Electrical work, especially in 3-phase outlets in commercial buildings, can be hazardous. They provide 3 separate currents instead of the single phase with two currents. Unless you are an experienced commercial electrician, doing DIY tricks or projects can place you in grave danger. A professional electrician knows how to execute tasks safely, ensuring that your home or business remains hazard-free.

To ensure more safety, we recommend you hire a commercial electrician from a licenced company. Not every electrician can get the job done right. However, a licensed electrician has the proper training and knowledge to conduct electrical work safely and eliminate any danger. Moreover, you will have someone to hold accountable in case of any fatal damage.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency 

It's not always about electrical damages and repairs; unexplained high utility bills are also significant issues that most homeowners face. Unfortunately, DIY tutorials may not provide answers to such problems. A professional electrician understands that every home needs to be improved to become more energy efficient. Thus, they will assess your current set-up and address any underlying issues that may lead to high utility bills. 

Moreover, they can also conduct a retail fit-out to ensure the functionality and efficiency of all your electrical appliances, including lighting, electrical systems, sprinklers, and other vital inner workings that affect the impression of your customers.


If you have ever experienced an emergency electrical issue, you can attest that using DIY at such a time is the worst decision. Most DIY projects often require a significant investment of time and effort. You must gather the necessary information and materials to get the job done right. A professional electrician, however, will always be at your disposal, no matter the time of the day. Whether you need emergency light installations at night or hot water system installations, you can always count on them to deliver the best services.

Safety is paramount, and electrical work is no joke. Don't risk your safety and those of your loved ones just because you want to save a few dollars with DIY. Hire a professional commercial or residential electrician today and restore function and safety in your property.
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