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Back to it: tips for speeding up your tummy tuck recovery

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Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck”, is a cosmetic treatment designed to thin the stomach and make it more firm. Like every other cosmetic procedure, a tummy tuck comes with some downtime, as you need to allow yourself time to rest and heal.

But, thankfully, there are some things you can do that can help hasten the recovery period and minimise your downtime!

If you’ve been considering abdominoplasty in Sydney, Melbourne or beyond, make sure you do the following after your tummy tuck to speed up recovery.

Speeding up the recovery process

Abdominoplasty is a form of surgery, and like all other surgeries, you need time to recuperate. The most important thing to do after your tummy tuck is to enjoy plenty of rest. Make sure you have the right amount of time off work to accommodate your recovery period and that you have someone on hand to help you get home from the clinic, take care of your chores and keep you company.

Your drains will be in place for a few days after the surgery - this is normal as they are there to drain excess fluids. Your surgeon will ask you to take anticoagulants and antibiotics while your drains are in place, as well as wear a compression garment to keep the circulation moving, avoid fluid build-up and reduce swelling post-surgery.

You should avoid strenuous activities like heavy lifting for at least six to eight weeks after your surgery as this can cause discomfort for your stomach. After two weeks, your surgeon should permit you to undertake some mild walking exercises.

Finally, avoid drinking, smoking and taking any over-the-counter medications your surgeon hasn’t prescribed you.

How to rest up properly after your tummy tuck

It’s important to sleep on an incline in the first couple of weeks after your tummy tuck. Have your knees bent and your body slightly raised. Sleeping in the correct posture will help minimise swelling and take pressure off your abdomen. You can even add pillows under your knees to increase comfort. The main aim is to find a sleeping position that will help you feel most comfortable and afford you the rest you need for a hasty recovery.

It will take up to seven or eight weeks for your body to heal - this is natural and you should not get stressed out about this part of the process.

Tips for speeding up abdominoplasty recovery

  • Taking supplements like vitamins A & C can help the healing process.

  • Drink green tea for boosting antioxidant & immunity levels.

  • Take probiotic supplements.

  • Eat plenty of fruit like papaya and pineapple to reduce swelling.

  • Take arnica for reducing bruising, pain & swelling.

  • Drink ginger tea to alleviate nauseous feelings.

The dos & don’ts of tummy tuck recovery


  • Eat a healthy, fibre-rich diet to avoid constipation,

  • Bend your knees when sleeping.

  • Wear your compression garment for eight weeks after your surgery\.

  • Walk regularly but slowly.

  • Take your prescribed medications at the right time.


  • Avoid coughing, laughing or sneezing.

  • Avoid heavy lifting & strenuous exercises.

  • Avoid doing strenuous daily chores like intense housework.

  • Stop your medication without medical advice.

  • Eat junk food, drink alcohol or smoke.

Abdominoplasty can provide wondrous benefits for the recipient. However, to ensure that the best results are always achieved, it’s important to ensure that you allow yourself the optimal time to rest and heal. Make sure you have a friend or loved one there to care for you immediately after your surgery, eat well and don’t overexert yourself - these are some of the main points of hastening your recovery!

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