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5 Good Reasons to Own A Massage Gun for A Non-Athlete Like You

  • Written by Mari Chico, PT

Are you having second thoughts about owning a massage gun? Let’s check out why having the best one not only applies to a pro but everyone.

What’s the fuss about this handy massager that has become a growing trend among professionals?

You see NBA players use them during half-time on national tv, physical therapists, sports geeks, and fitness enthusiasts sharing good reviews and tips on these massagers making this massage gun innovation is quite big in the field of sports and fitness nowadays.

Before we get to the benefits of owning a piece of this handy percussive equipment, let’s check how percussion therapy’s technology evolved into a massage gun.

Blast from The Past

I researched the history of massage guns and learned that the first-ever device was designed by Dr. Jason Wersland, an L.A.-based chiropractor. Dr. Wersland was injured in a motorcycle accident and wanted something that can help speed up his recovery.

After the historical release of the first massage gun in 2008 by Dr. Wersland, more and more companies had manufactured different versions of the massage gun

While most articles would state that it is widely used by professionals in sports and fitness, the question is how can a regular Joe in pain get professional equipment like this into his everyday use?

Let me walk you through just 5 simple reasons you should not doubt having a space-grade like technology when it comes to owning a massage gun?

  1. We All Want Pain Relief

Athlete or non-athlete, no one is spared of body aches and pains. The causes of how we get it differs from one bloke to another.

During my practice in physio clinics, we rehabilitate patients from all walks of life, sporty or not, we use the same machines, principles, and techniques, it’s only a matter of adjusting the intensity, the sets, and the duration of the program.

If you’ll ask me if a regular guy can use a sports grade massager, I’ll say yes. Why?

Recovery is for all, and massage guns when used properly, are believed to be “up to 30% more effective than just a regular massage” according to Dr. Jo ( Ask Dr. Jo) who’s a doctor of physical therapy and a famous influencer in sports and rehabilitation medicine. You have to be keen on doing proper research when buying the device from a manufacturer. You also need to factor in whether it’s a proper and safe tool for your musculoskeletal condition.

  1. We All Want Faster (Active) Recovery

Active recovery would simply mean putting in an active effort, whether it is self-massages or mobility exercises, to promote the body’s healing mechanism faster.

How does a massage gun help achieve this goal?

  • It breaks down lactic acid build-up (the main culprit in muscle fatigue and soreness

  • It Improves blood circulation in the painful area

  • It stimulates muscle regeneration

  1. We All Deserve A Handy Recovery Device

We all want to recover faster, in the safest and easiest way possible.

While in the past we can simply go to physio and massage therapists for treatment, this isn’t currently feasible with the pandemic still in full force.

The solution is to invest in a personal massager that is not just effective, but also easy and comfortable to use. One that is lightweight and portable at the same time.

  1. We All Need to Relax

The ultimate reward of getting those bolts and knots of trigger bands released is relaxation. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

Though percussive devices offer that much-needed pain relief after a hard day’s work, I must admit not all of them sound like music to the ears. Most of them sounded like jackhammers pounding your pain away.

An ideal sounding massage gun doing its job should have a sound range of about 30 to 50 dB. This is similar to a nice family conversation over dinner or a humming fridge at home.

Again, who wouldn’t want a device that allows you to get those much-needed soft blows (quietly) on your achy muscles while enjoying your favorite evening tv shows?

  1. We All Deserve the Highest-Rated (But Cost-Effective) Brand

Going back to 2008 when the massage gun was invented, the cost was not as friendly today as it was in the past. And back in the old days, only the pros can afford the invention.

In the present time, you can get a trusted brand with all the perks of before and after-sales service at around A$400-500. I got mine at A$399 that I conveniently used to treat myself (yes, a physiotherapist doing her own physical therapy management).

Plus, I got my favorite massage feature in this particular brand of a truly relaxing massage experience-because it’s by far the quietest.

An Expert Advice

Though it may be easy for a physiotherapist like me to tell a patient that if you can’t visit me to practice physical distancing, just “get a massage gun.”

You’d probably say that I recommended it since I needed one for my job, but let me just say, I’m just a regular person like you, who badly needed to get one job done-to want to live a pain-free day…every day. We all deserve that!

Go get yourself a massage gun-you don’t need to be a pro to get one!

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