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E-PowerSpot Shakes Up Hong Kong’s Power Bank Sharing Market with Innovative Partnership Program

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 16 January 2023 - E-PowerSpot, a promising enterprise in the shared power bank industry, is rapidly gaining market share across Hong Kong with its innovative partnership program and attractive benefits for partnering businesses.

Its network of rental locations is quickly spreading across the city as its unique advertising advantages continue to win business owners over. In 2022, the company’s partner network expanded by 300% while user growth also saw a staggering 2000% increase.


“E-PowerSpot was inspired by the concept of a shared economy. On top of providing a great power bank rental experience to end users, we are also creating a city-wide advertising network where our partners’ ads can be displayed on HD monitors across Hong Kong, like mobile billboards,” said Douglas Wai, Business Director of E-PowerSpot. “Their ads can be displayed on our mobile app and on kiosks across Hong Kong. They also have access to a back-end control panel where they can manage and schedule their ads strategically.”

E-PowerSpot’s innovative way of blending power bank sharing with advertising has created hugely rewarding marketing opportunities for retail businesses and restaurants in its network. With little to no initial costs, businesses that set up an E-PowerSpot kiosk at their venue can immediately display their ads across thousands of monitors around Hong Kong.

“We don’t charge a hefty entrance fee. Businesses have nothing to lose from joining our network, apart from the small amount of space that our power bank kiosks occupy,” said Douglas Wai, Business Director. “In return, they get to show their ads to customers all around Hong Kong and grow their brands effectively.”

E-PowerSpot’s power bank kiosks can now be found in various retail stores, restaurants, bars, hospitals, gyms, laundromats, and other venues across Hong Kong. The brand continues to welcome new partners in its ever-growing network.

“Today, power bank kiosks drive more foot traffic than ever as people depend on their mobile devices for work. Almost any type of business would benefit from having our power banks around, but restaurants, cafes, and co-working spaces certainly love us the most. Customers who work or spend time there would never have to be disconnected again.” Said Echo Fung, Marketing Manager of E-PowerSpot.

“We don’t just power people’s devices. We are also powering our partners’ growth by providing them with effective advertising. We’re creating a shared economy where everyone benefits as the network expands.”

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About E-PowerSpot

Launched in 2021, E-PowerSpot is a power bank sharing start-up that provides convenient and considerate rental services for users in Hong Kong. Businesses can place their advertisements on E-PowerSpot’s power bank kiosks and mobile apps through the brand’s advertising service or by becoming a partner within the network. Learn more at .

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