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SHANGHAI TANG makes menswear runway debut at the 2023 Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 17 January 2023 - SHANGHAI TANG celebrated Milan Fashion Week coinciding with Chinese New Year with its debut as showcase at the 2023 Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week.

The theme of SHANGHAI TANG's show, "REUNION" is a nod to harmonious gatherings celebrated by Chinese and Italians, and a tribute to Italy and China re-embracing.


SHANGHAI TANG is renown as the world's most iconic Chinese luxury brand, beloved for its high fashion and design. SHANGHAI TANG marries the bold with traditional Chinese elegance, and oriental allure with contrasting western influences. SHANGHAI TANG is an expression inner grace and joyful visual representation this creativity.

From its founding in 1994, SHANGHAI TANG has embraced the finer aspects of Chinese contemporary art and been a vanguard in promoting Chinese contemporary artists on the international stage. As long back ago as the 46th Venice Biennale in 1995, SHANGHAI TANG helped create a strong bond between the Italian art scene and China through an early exhibition in Italy.

In recent years, SHANGHAI TANG 's collaboration with Chinese artists such as Xu Bing, Zhou Yilun, and Chen Wei continued the brand's deep connection with the contemporary art world. As China and Chinese contemporary art evolved, so has SHANGHAI TANG.

In menswear, SHANGHAI TANG carved out a space on the world stage amongst fashion and art connoisseurs with, for example, its iconic Tang suit, which marries traditional tailoring with contemporary elegance. This year's menswear collection builds upon SHANGHAI TANG's place in fashion history, taking the brand a step forward.

SHANGHAI TANG is true to the heritage of its founder, Sir David Tang KBE, his sophistication in art and design, and his playful and eccentric spirit. At the heart of its collection, SHANGHAI TANG's cheerful contradictions and playfulness, together with powerful optimism, courageous outlook, and Chinese perspective, exhort all, in the spirit of reunion, to do as Sir David Tang and "Make Life a Party".

"We see our runway debut at Milan Fashion Week as a courageous step for our brand, and the best way to reintroduce our style of fashion, creative design, and Oriental elegance on the global stage. This is also a chance for fashion and art lovers from Italy and China to meet again," wrote the SHANGHAI TANG team.

For its runway debut, SHANGHAI TANG chose the theme "reunion" to set the stage for a harmonious family gathering and create a moment that resonates in both Italian and Chinese cultures.

SHANGHAI TANG'S 2022/23 men's collection builds upon a brand legacy that traces the history of contemporary Chinese spirit with a timely intellectual bent. Working within the brand's classic storyline of iconic Chinese silhouettes, SHANGHAI TANG introduces elements of surprise and playfulness to sartorial traditions.

The joy of a family gathering becomes the major thread line punctuating the mood of SHANGHAI TANG's collection.

The star, a symbol synonymous with SHANGHAI TANG, is recreated in different shapes and sizes in unconventional settings. The ribbon, emblematic of a celebratory spirit, pops up throughout the collection as scarfs, neck ties, or knitwear patterns. Traditional Mandarin Buttons, either blown-up or repurposed with pops of color, points to festive formalities with childlike playfulness.

Heavily embroidered pieces, a staple of Sir David Tang's SHANGHAI TANG party-driven wardrobe, are recreated in relaxed silhouettes offering sartorial ease and comfort. Ingenious color-blocking also adds a refreshing take on SHANGHAI TANG's palettes of apple green, fuchsia, and orange.

Playing with sartorial codes in contrasting materials results in heightened sophistication. Wool jackets made to imitate denim are treated with double stitch, renewing the ideal of "rawness," while washed denim slacks, a hippie favorite, are elevated with rigor. The traditional SHANGHAI TANG Chinese Tang suit looks just as it is when viewed from the front, but in profile, its slightly architectural sleeve, typical of westernized pattern making, reveals a subtle update on the iconic.

The charm of SHANGHAI TANG's collection lies in an unorthodox interpretation of Eastern philosophies in a westernized context, skillfully gathering elements of East and West with passion and creativity. And as always, at the heart of SHANGHAI TANG is Sir David's sophistication in contemporary art and design, playful and eccentric spirit, and yearning to "Make Life A Party."

As a highlight, SHANGHAI TANG's show featured renowned Shanghai-based violinist Mengla Huang to accompany and perform.

Since the 1930s in Shanghai, and perhaps even earlier with Marco Polo, Chinese have been exposed to Italian culinary culture, art, and fashion. SHANGHAI TANG's "REUNION" is a tribute to Italy and China re-embracing in person, celebrating long-standing relationships, expressing deep affection, and hoping for a bright future.


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SHANGHAI TANG, founded in 1994, is and renown as the world’s most iconic Chinese luxury brand.

SHANGHAI TANG was founded by Sir David Tang, KBE, and inspired by the glittering lifestyle and aesthetics of 1930s Shanghai. SHANGHAI TANG marries the colorful and bold with traditional Chinese elegance, and oriental allure with contrasting western influences.

And as always, at the heart of SHANGHAI TANG is Sir David’s sophistication in contemporary art and design, playful and eccentric spirit, and yearning to “Make Life A Party.”

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