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Importance of Email Marketing

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More than 34% of the globe's email users. That is approximately two-and-a-half billion people. The number of email users is expected to grow to 2.8 billion during the next two years. Yup, it is popular with email. Of the 196 billion emails sent every day, 109 billion are commercial e-mails.

Email marketing is also an extremely personal approach to target audiences you want. Your relatives and friends' texts sit beside your corporation's email notifications. This is why it fits better when e-mail advertising is tailored. Email can be customized so that all communications are relevant to their comforts. Do a Competitor Audit to check how your rival is marketing his brand.

Better than social networking sites

Make no mistake, social media is an enormously vital part in the marketing plan of any organization. Social media is a terrific way to communicate with and enhance your personal interaction with your customers. That's why it's a vital initial step approaching your ultimate objective - the conversion.

But email strategy is the art to turn individuals into members, buyers, or fans.

Cost and economic efficiency

It's simple, efficient, and cheap. Email marketing enables companies to contact a big number of people at almost no rate per communication.

This makes it a perfect solution for small businesses on budgets than traditional advertising channels like TV, radio, or email marketing. You're not supposed to take our term for this. A collaborative study by and Forrester Research showed that direct Mail Marketing is among the most organized social techniques for customers in 85 percent of US shops.

Even when new technologies and social networks have exploded in various ways, marketers continue to come back to emails.

Customizable and personal

In email campaigns, your market is actually divided into categories and a custom email message can be sent in every list to relate with your readers as well as provide him something worthwhile (As per Campaign Monitor, categorized and personalized emails produce 58% of all DMA revenues while marketers using segmented strategies reported a 760% boost in profitability).

For establishing interactions with prospects, managers, current clients and even past consumers, email marketing is vital since it allows you to talk directly to them at an acceptable moment in your inbox. Be pleasant and friendly. If you have picked your communication and your receiver correctly, you will not invade their privacy.

Targeted action

Everyone is conditioned to make something with an email - respond, share, tap, join up, and even make direct purchases. Whether it has been realized or not.

E-Mail is mercantile and can be used to control traffic and sell to your webpage. When you establish your small company or startup marketing campaign in its entirety, you can immediately view results by email.


In email marketing, there is no guessing. You can monitor who has accessed your email, what links have been visited and see how many are deregistered by using any email marketing program.

You may quickly obtain an insight into how your email campaigns are being conducted, adapted, and improved. E-mail marketing metrics should be remembered while monitoring and measuring your overall online marketing plan.


If it's possible for us, you can too! Begin with a few easy steps and discover why direct mail is vital for your online branding small corporate strategies. Gather your database of persons who would like to hear (beware, do not become a spammer!), utilize a working email provider, write an easy-to-use e-mail statement and push SEND!

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