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Essential work protection; How salon staff can safely work during Covid-19

  • Written by Cara Barilla; Hair, Beauty and Wellness Educator

Cara Barilla

2020 has delivered people all over the world with unfortunate strife. In most cases, people are left with little or no work, and in worst scenarios unemployment in all western societies. 

The current battle between having to work within these uncomfortable situations has left many people from all over the world no choice but to continue to work to prevent job and asset losses. 

Provided that we ensure complete strict measures are taken to instill a hygienic and professional working environment, essential workers are still soldering on to keep their income flowing during this financial crash. 

These crucial methods should be taken forward into any salon, clinic, boutique when coming into contact with their clients as follows:

Hand sanitise: hand sanitisers are still available to the public at your local pharmacy, grocery store and online. It’s important upon arrival to provide hand sanitiser for yourself, your family and your customers to prevent spreading & to kill off any germs being carried via your hands. 

Room spray disinfectant: glen 20, anti bacterial room sprays can assist in warding off and viral and airborne entity which the public eye cannot see. Room sprays and disinfectants can range from $5 to $9 and can be accessed at your local pharmacy or chemist. 

Awareness of contact: it’s important to be aware of what you touch throughout the day whether you are touching products, door knobs, light switches, table tops and other objects which will need to be disinfected. Hospital grade house and commercial cleaner can be accessed at any pharmacy, grocery store and online. 

All Floors: all floors around the workplace will come into contact with new patrons entering hand exiting the salon. It’s important to clean the floor with the correct hospital grade cleaner to help kill off any Bacteria. 

Distancing: be aware of your distance between yourself and your clients are. It may be difficult for hairdressers at this point as it is a pure contact based experience however, gloves should always be worn and skin to be covered during this unfortunate time. 

Gloves: it’s important to purchase packs of gloves which can range as much as 10 packs, 12, 50 or 100 packs. These are accessible to the public from your local pharmacy, grocery store, or online. 

Face masks: face masks are less accessible to the public which is why it may be easier to make a once of purchase for the non disposable face masks. The make - shift face masks are not ideal as they do not provide your airways enough ventilation 

Quarantining yourself if any minor symptoms occur: if you have any symptoms at all it is best to not take any risks at all and to stay at home immediately. By continuously working during illness could potentially spread infection, disease and at worst scenarios; Death by the corona virus could possibly occur. To create the safest and professional outcome its best to continually get checked up by your local doctor and always check your temperature. 

Taking in small quantities: taking in only small quantities at a time with clients could possibly save lives. One on one experiences are very controlled and can be easily tracked back if the disease ever comes into contact. 

Washing your hands: washing your hands with any bacterial product will ward off the disease and kill germs. It’s ideal to keep washing frequently in between clients to prevent spread. 

Keeping your skin and scalp covered: be aware if you are someone who touches your face, scalp or body often. You could potentially be at greater risk if you have the habit of scratching, picking or touching your hands, face, scalp or arms. Open cuts, scratches and blisters need to be covered at all times. 

Minimalism in your work area: de cluttering your workplace is crucial at this time. This will prevent your from having to clean and disinfect so many objects, trinkets or decor. During this time of covid crisis, it’s safer to declutter and put away any objects that doesn’t serve a purpose. It’s important to continually keep up with the latest news in case there are any modified methods of protection.

These protective measures could not only save yours and your families life, it could also help prevent bits spreading if you are unaware of carrying the deadly virus. 

As the numbers are still at a rise in every continent it’s crucial we take each measure seriously so we can create additional control and inhibit a safer workplace for the community.

If you have any problems with finding any household supplies, anti bacterial cleaning stock, gloves, sanitiser or medicine please contact: (02) 9712 8611

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