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Types of Drink Bottles for promotional purposes

Most people might have this major question in mind as to why to use branded water bottles and the idea behind giving them out as promotional material. Water bottles would be one of the timeless promotional items and they are still popular. Almost everyone makes use of drinking water as a part of their daily regime. A water bottle is a product that would be used repeatedly and would be taken along with wherever people go, making it visible in social settings.

With a lot of options around, it might be easy to get overwhelmed with a lot of choices. You could easily order promotional drink bottles, Australia, and promotional lanyards, Australia various other promotional products from agencies that could easily print custom messages and logos based on your preferences. However, have a look at some of the basic types of water bottles that you could use for promotional purposes of your business.

· Sport plastic bottles

If you are looking for a low-cost bottle, plastic drink bottles are the best bet. This could be taken advantage of when you plan to give out a large number of water bottles at a festival or during a picnic or on some other occasions. Besides the fact that it is of low cost, plastic bottles are lightweight, easy to use and are portable. This makes it a great option for various occasions.

· Polycarbonate bottles

There are also plastic bottles but are more durable. If you are looking for something that is of less cost when compared to other options better than cheap plastic bottles, polycarbonate bottles could be an apt choice. They won't get damaged or dented easily. However, they could be impermanent and could not be used to store hot liquids.

· Acrylic tumblers

It might not be able to hold hot liquids but could be ideal for everything else. They have insulation and can keep water colder for a longer time. They can avoid condensation which makes them a good choice. Some tumblers come with sport straws which makes them a convenient option to use. These tumblers could be ideal for travelling. They could be taken on the road as it would last for a long time and give free promotion wherever it is taken. However, such tumblers could be more expensive than plastic bottles.

· Metal bottles

They are the best option when it comes to branded water bottles. You could either pick a low priced aluminium water bottle to a highly sought after stainless steel and vacuum insulated water bottle. A high-quality water bottle could be ideal for any purpose. You could even store a hot liquid in it so that it remains warm for a longer period. If you give out higher-quality bottles, it would create a positive impact on your company by conveying a higher sense of quality for the brand. At the same time, if you provide cheap water bottles, it could hurt the brand. If your brand believes in eco-friendliness, provide metal water bottles to convey the same. Reusable bottles would be preferred by most people. This could contribute to the earth by reducing plastic waste.

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