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How to Stay Ahead in the Age of Digital Disruption 

  • Written by Kristy Platt

These days, most professions have been disrupted by technology and/or artificial intelligence in some way, with accounting, law, engineering and the financial industries among them. Tasks such as book keeping are being replaced by smart software, there are more accessible algorithms being developed daily to fight accounting and legal battles, and many complex financial, engineering and accounting processes have already become automated.

While this may scare many of us, there’s no need to sit back and watch it happen. There are various ‘human skills’ that will be even more important in our future workplaces, and if we put our energies into working on these, we will be able to raise above any changes that take place.

Business leaders Michelle Crawford and Christina Gerakiteys are just two of many professionals beginning to identify the skills that we’ll need in the future, and as such have developed new bespoke leadership development program Your Relevant Future (

The program will support accountants, lawyers and finance professionals to build their interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as their human empathy, ensuring they’re not left behind as their professions are disrupted by tech developments and artificial intelligence (AI). It also counts towards CDP and CLE points.

The course is designed to smooth the transition from technical expert to trusted adviser, and will upskill professionals in the things computers can't do – the 'human stuff! It covers areas such as: improving your emotional intelligence and communication skills, learning how to collaborate and embrace innovation, creative skills, improving leadership capabilities, looking after you wellbeing (and your team's wellbeing), and managing your productivity.

Recently published reports such as the Professional accountants – the future: Drivers of change and future skills’ white paper from the ACCA and the Shaping the future of Accounting in Business Education in Australia report by CPA Australia further highlighted this need, revealing that ethical competencies, creativity, people skills, vision, emotional intelligence and digital competencies are all areas where these professionals need support.

The ACCA white paper also suggests that management professional accountants’ leadership roles will: “…extend beyond the finance function; they will become more proactive than reactive; partner, collaborate and network; and develop and manage relationships with a broader range of stakeholders”, showing that the course couldn’t have come quickly enough.

Your Relevant Future kicks off in Newcastle this June, and to find out more visit or contact Michelle Crawford via, or on 0432 265 335. 

Your Relevant Future is run by Christina Gerakiteys, Founder of UtopiaX and the Hunter Innovation Festival; and Michelle Crawford, CEO of Being More Human, and is supported by industry professionals.


Michelle Crawford is the amazing brain behind Being More Human. The 20 years of experience she has providing guidance, leadership development, recruitment support and strengthening the culture in organisations across 20 industries has shown her one truth – modern businesses are losing their humanity. After seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life, Michelle chose to dedicate her life to helping businesses in Australia to become more human in the way they operate and their culture.

Michelle has brought a team of human resource and organisational development experts together to increase humanity in the workplace through kindness, psychological consulting and deep, transformational change for organisations, teams and individuals.

Michelle has been recognised amongst the community and industry for her profound contribution both to the corporate world and to her much loved charities, however perhaps one of her proudest achievements is the award she has received for being the world’s best mum… she even has the mug to prove it!

Christina Gerakiteys Christina Gerakiteys runs UtopiaX and the Hunter Innovation Festival, and is a creativity and innovation catalyst. Her purpose is to ignite hearts and minds to what is possible.

With a strong communication background, she passionately writes and presents business development and innovation programs and workshops. She is also a sought-after facilitator for corporate events and conferences.

Christina is founder of UtopiaX, a business with its focus on creativity and innovation. She writes for several publications and speaks regularly on radio about business development and the crucial roles that creativity and innovation play in success. She is a contributor to the award winning Front-End Innovation blog.

Her depth of knowledge and engaging style has made her a popular presenter at major conferences including SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas and Creative Innovation.

Christina is an active supporter and advocate for several innovation committees, produces the annual Hunter Innovation Festival, and lectures in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A self-confessed lifelong learner, she is a recent graduate of the Executive Program at Singularity University (Cuperitno, Silicon Valley) and is currently undertaking doctorate studies in Creativity and Innovation.

In 2018 Christina will publish her second book Celebrating Utopia – One Failure at a Time. This follows the publication of her first published work, Can’t Talk Now I’m on the Phone. A third, Celebrating Empowerment – One Criticism at a Time is in interview stage.

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