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Studio Moso looks back on the Mount Baw Baw website build, completed in the winter of 2022

After launching the new Mount Baw Baw website, Studio Moso, an award-winning web design and development company based in Melbourne, released a statement.

Studio Moso assisted Mount Baw Baw, a mountain resort in Australia, in updating its website for the winter season.

Mount Baw Baw crew utilised our services to build a more appealing and modern website that could handle the rise in traffic.

This is yet another illustration of our long-term goal as a firm to deliver customised client experiences while also enhancing the quality of our work with each project.

The goal of the new website design was to make Mount Baw Baw look like the best alpine destination in the state.

We were able to boost conversions by building a website that is both aesthetically and emotively appealing. Furthermore, we focused on removing any hurdles or barriers the client may face on their journey.

Mount Baw Baw's team decided on a complete website rebrand, which now includes a cutting-edge font and fresh colour palette to make a great first impression on visitors.

An Introduction to Studio Moso

Studio Moso is a Melbourne-based agency that specialises in custom web and social media applications, mobile apps, and content management systems for businesses of all sizes. We've been in operation since 2004 and continue to grow today.

We build custom online applications and builds that give each of our clients the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

We ensure that each content management solution and mobile app we develop is a reflection of our clients' distinctive brand identity. We always go above and beyond what is required with every new project.

We've recently undergone a branding makeover to better align with our business development. We were able to set ourselves apart and acquire clients who will have a bigger impact in the field with our new identity.

The new Mount Baw Baw website build

The ski resort of Mount Baw Baw in Victoria, Australia, is a popular destination for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. It has become one of the most popular resorts in Victoria State, and locals did not have to worry about COVID-19 limitations this winter for the first time since 2019.

We were hired to revamp the website and make making a reservation as simple as possible in order to increase client acquisition.

Mt Baw Baw's website was built to represent the area's natural beauty, and visitors should feel as if they're looking at significant pictures when they browse it.

"We kept the website's design basic and user-friendly, so that visitors may make a reservation at the resort without much difficulty." says Studio Moso

We updated the company website to make it more user-friendly and attract new clients to the facility. Customers can check up-to-date information such as snow conditions, temperatures, accessible lifts, and live webcam feeds right from the homepage.

Studio Moso has a bright future ahead

Our team is able to innovate with Paul Matteo as our Managing Director leading the helm.

"Our design team's experience and expertise will help you make cutting-edge choices that will ensure your brand is communicated both effectively and delightfully to users" says Studio Moso

Studio Moso's future is bright, according to numerous accolades and distinctions from Awwwards, an authority voted by the website community.

Stay tuned for more from Studio Moso.

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