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Getting that coin: 4 things to look for in a commercial finance broker

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. You’ve created a product and set your business objectives with the aim of making something amazing happen. Now that you’ve done this it’s time to secure some financing to help lift you off the ground!

Securing capital can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding the money for equipment you didn’t think you needed, as it can have a marked effect on your company cash flow.

This is why it’s always a great idea to enlist professional assistance when it comes to finding the capital for the essentials you need to take off. Whatever you need: an industrial dishwasher; a new salon chair; a POS tablet - financing can help you get it!

However, when it comes ecuring the best commercial equipment finance Melbourne has, it is always essential to find a broker that has your goals close at heart - otherwise you might end up with the wrong team in your corner (something which could be disastrous).

With this in mind, here are four things to look out for in your professional broker:

  1. Seek a team who cares about your success

Is the broker actively interested in your business goals? Or, are they just trying to simply add you to their list of clients? There is a big difference between the two, especially when it comes to securing finance that is more suitable for your business needs.

You should always look for a broker that shows a keen interest in your objectives. They should see themselves as part of your journey, part of your endeavour to become a keen market competitor, and they should be more than keen on helping you secure the finance to make this happen!

  1. Take a look at their financing options

To be the best broker you have to provide specialised solutions. Because, after all, no business is the same and each business requires the perfect solution to fit their interests and objectives.

They should provide a range of flexible options to help you secure a loan that is ideal for your business venture, something within the parameters of what you need to secure the equipment that is going to help you now and in the immediate future.

  1. Are they licensed & experienced?

You should never enlist the services of an unlicensed or inexperienced broker - chances are they have absolutely no idea what they are doing and will make a real mess of the work at hand!

You should always seek out a reliable broker who can prove their experience. One way to ensure that they have the experience to provide the best service is to inquire about client references - something with which they should be happy to pass on to you.

  1. Do they have a network of lenders?

Your potential commercial financebroker should have a vast network of lenders from whom they can secure a range of options for you if necessary. Not only does this provide you with extensive lending options, but it also attests to the broker’s industry standing and experience as a trusted partner.

Be sure to follow these four essential tips for finding the right broker for you. There is a big difference in industry standards, and you want to know that you have someone in your corner who has your best interests and career objectives close at heart - this is key to finding the perfect broker!

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