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Small businesses get funds in minutes with BizExpress Online

  • Written by CBA

Thousands of CBA’s small business customers* can now apply for, and access, new loans in as little as 20 minutes, with BizExpress Online – the bank’s pioneering fast-speed lending system which is now available through Netbank and the CommBank app.

Eligible small business customers can receive a real-time credit decision and have the funds (up to $50,000) credited in their account within 20 minutes.

This digital transformation of CBA’s BizExpress product has been fast-tracked to help small businesses get immediate access to funding to support and grow their operations as the country looks to recover from the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we launched ‘BizExpress’, the aim was to provide a simpler and faster lending experience for our small business customers, with same day decisions and funding within a week,” said CBA Group Executive Business Banking, Mike Vacy-Lyle.

“We’ve continued to invest in our technology platforms – making further digital improvements to the lending application, and earlier this year we used BizExpress to quickly deliver lending support under the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme.”

To-date, BizExpress has been used by CBA’s business bankers to support customers, meaning the functionality was used internally. With BizExpress Online, customers can now log on and submit the application directly themselves.

“Our latest investment in the new digital version makes it even easier and quicker for our customers to get the financial support they need. BizExpress Online not only provides a lending decision in record time, but also enables a customer to have the funds in their account in near real-time, in as little as 20 minutes,” Mr Vacy-Lyle said.

BizExpress Online will initially offer new business loans under the Government’s SME Guarantee Scheme and helps CBA’s existing business customers who are in most need of support during this challenging period. Repayments will be deferred for the first six months and all fees waived for the life of the loan.

“Small businesses need quick access to cash flow to keep them going through these tougher times – and BizExpress Online aims to provide them with this. It means eligible customers can apply directly by logging onto Netbank or the Commbank app – no other Australian bank offers this complete fully automated service with near real-time funding,” Mr Vacy Lyle said.

Over the coming months, BizExpress Online will be extended to offer the same service outside of the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme and for a broader set of products.

BizExpress has transformed the support the bank has provided to small business customers during the coronavirus pandemic, becoming  the preferred application and settlement process for about 8,000 SMEs who have secured approximately $700 million via CBA through the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guaranteed Scheme. Around 80% of the loans have been processed through BizExpress.

Fast access to funds is just one of the ways CBA has supported its small business customers through the coronavirus pandemic, with other measures including loan repayment deferrals, merchant fee waivers and reducing rates on some business loans. To view the support available for CBA customers visit

Customers can also call CBA’s Australian based business banking contact centre 24/7 on 13 19 98.

*Through BizExpress Online, CBA is supporting existing eligible customers with a turnover of less than or equal to $50 million and loans up to $50,000 for a three year period. All repayments are deferred for the first six months and all fees waived for the life of the loan (and interest rates from 4.5%). For more information visit:

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