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MATE is Australia’s ‘Local’ Telco

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COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way the world works – both globally, and within our own communities. One part of that change has been the surge in ‘localism’ and a push to ‘spend at home’ – be that for goods, services, recreation or otherwise. In fact, 65% of consumers worldwide now say that they prefer to buy goods and services from their own country, and if possible, from their local community.

Australians share similar views on the matter, and while the pandemic wreaks havoc on economies across the world, the virus and resulting lockdowns and restrictions has certainly played a part in reviving the “shop local” movement here on our shores.

Grassroots campaigns like ‘Buy From the Bush’ and ‘Empty Esky’ encourage Australians to spend with regional brands and reignited our passion for local during the drought and bushfire seasons. This concept has only gained momentum since the pandemic hit our shores.

As Australians across the country opt for local products, local experiences and local services, many are unaware that some of the most basic ‘Aussie’ services, including internet and mobile phones, are not actually Australian services at all.

Many well known ‘Australian’ telco companies are actually owned by overseas corporations – for example, Optus is owned by a Singaporean company and Aldi is owned by a German corporation.

In addition, many of the ‘Australian-owned’ telcos, such as TPG and Dodo actually outsource most of their services, customer service and general operations to companies that are based offshore. This means that local communities miss out on hundreds of jobs, as well as the wider benefits that come from companies investing in local communities.

MATE are different.

100% Aussie-owned and operated, MATE was not only founded, but is still run right here in Western Sydney. Not only is their head office here, but every staff member - from the CEO, to the customer service team and right through to the owner’s auntie who cooks a family lunch for the staff every day - they’re all locals.

When MATE says they’re committed to being 100% local, they truly mean it.

‘Being “local” means more than just getting an ABN and a registered business address in Australia,’ says David Fazio, MATE’s CEO. ‘At MATE we feel proud to be able to support our community and contribute to the local economy. We know how important it is to keep vital resources here, in Australia, especially at this time,’ David says.

MATE has been vigilant in remaining local, employing 60+ employees from the Western Sydney area and refusing to move their call centre overseas. This might mean lower profit margins, but it’s a move that they will not negotiate on.

David says, ‘There’s never been a more important time to focus on your “mates” here in Australia. No one could have predicted the situation that we’re in now, and no one can say for sure what the future holds. But keeping Australians in jobs is more important now than ever, and that’s something we are proud to be helping with.”

Their commitment to supporting Aussies with their unique brand of business mateship has just been ‘cemented’ with membership with Australian Owned, a not-for-profit established to support and promote 100% local, Australian businesses.

‘We want to do everything we can to support our community at this time,’ David says. ‘After all, it’s our community, too. We’re Australians. We’re Sydneysiders. We’re here, just like you.’

About MATE

MATE is the exact opposite of a giant, faceless telecommunications company. In fact, for MATE, ‘family is everything’. This strong focus on family has driven MATE’s consistently local, Australian-focused, customer service-centred business decisions. Despite being one of the fastest growing companies in the telco space, MATE is homegrown (in Sydney’s West) and plans on staying that way. For more information, please go to

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