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13cabs Accelerates Its Green Push

Australia’s largest taxi company, 13cabs, has strengthened its push to going green by partnering with the Victorian Government to encourage operators to buy zero emission taxis.

13cabs Chief Operating Officer, Olivia Barry (pictured), said she was pleased the company had been awarded nearly $170,000 in grant funding, which was part of the government’s Commercial Sector Innovation Fund.

This fund is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Victoria’s transport sector and reducing climate change impacts. 

“We are committed to having a fleet of EVs around Australia to cement us as Australia’s greenest taxi fleet, and it’s great to share this goal with the Victorian Government,” Ms Barry said. 

“The funding has been used to allow our operators to purchase electric taxis, which are already operating on Victoria’s roads. 

“We will subsidise the business costs associated with operating the electric vehicles as a taxi for an initial 12 months, including network fees, equipment and maintenance costs and administrative costs.” 

The Victorian Government awarded zero emission vehicle grants through its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV roadmap, investing $5 million to establish the innovation fund and accelerate the transition to ZEVs. 

Grants were awarded to businesses and organisations which were able to demonstrate the greatest potential to influence and change business behaviour and thinking regarding ZEV technology. 

The projects selected to receive grant funding include representation from rural and regional Victoria, and business sectors spanning agriculture, education, fleet, logistics, commercial passenger vehicles and public transport. 

Ms Barry said 13cabs was committed to a more sustainable transport industry. 

 “The transportation sector has traditionally generated a high level of carbon emissions, to run cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes. We want to continue to do our part to reduce the transport sector's impact on the environment,” she said. 

 “Our commitment to a fleet of EVs is an extension of our existing 13green program which has seen our fleet of hybrid and low emission taxis grow substantially over the past decade.  

 “There has been market led changes driven by sensible commercial decisions made by our Taxi Operators, combined with our company’s commitment to lowering our impact on the environment.  

 “13cabs works actively to encourage our Drivers and vehicle owners to make the best choice when it comes to the vehicle they purchase - choices that result in lower emissions and cleaner cities.  

 “We look forward to the next chapter in reducing our service's impact on the environment that all Australians shares.”

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