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The Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

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When plumbing issues arise in the bathroom, it can cause countless problems. While you may be able to deal with some of the more common issues, sometimes there are more complex issues that require professional help. Having your plumbing system maintained on a regular schedule can ensure that expensive repairs can be prevented. Some plumbing issues can lead to serious issues including structural damage. So, what are the most common problems that homeowners deal with on a regular basis?

Toilet Runs After it has Been Flushed

Sometimes when you flush your toilet the flapper does not seat itself and cover off the drain hole in the toilet tank. Jiggling the handle of the toilet may help to reset the flapper but if that does not work, the inner parts of your toilet may need to be replaced because they are not working correctly anymore. The flapper valve can be replaced and is relatively inexpensive. A toilet repair kit works well to repair this important part of your toilet and these can usually be purchased in a repair kit that includes all the parts that you will need. If you have no idea what this means or how to replace the parts, a plumber can assist you with this repair and replacement.

Water Pressure Low

When you turn on the tap, do you get a decent flow or is the water just trickling from the tap? No one wants to have a shower where the water has no pressure behind it. If the issue relates to the water supply from your municipality you will probably receive a notification that there is a problem. Otherwise there by be some sort of sediment build up or calcium deposits on the aerators on your faucets. If a good cleaning of the faucets and showerhead does not repair the problem, there may be a more complicated issue that you need to deal with. If you are unable to pinpoint the reason for lower water pressure, you should contact a plumber to deal with your issue.

Drains are Clogged

If the water in the sink will not go down the drain or you find yourself standing in rising water while you are having a shower, then it should be obvious to you that you have a clog in your drain. You can use a toilet plunger to plunge the drain and release the clog, pulling it upwards back into the sink. If you are lucky enough to dislodge the clog using this method, you should immediately remove the material and place it in the trash. Unfortunately, plunging a clog will not remove it completely and if your drain continually clogs, you may need to get some assistance from a professional plumber. After that, a professional tile re-grouting is required.

Pipes Leak

If your pipes leak this can lead to more serious issues. Leaky pipes can be repaired with some simple supplies, but you will need to know where to shut off the water supply and which items to use to repair the pipes. If leaks are not repaired, they can cause a lot of serious damage, particularly when the water gets into walls and other areas where it should not. Locating the source of the leak quickly is very important and repairs should be made in a timely manner so that the small issue of a leak does not become a bigger, more expensive problem.

Tub Drains Slowly

Since people shower or bathe in a bathtub, hair can gather and cause a serious clog in the drain of the tub. This can be cleared out to ensure that the tub drains properly but when it is not draining it can become a nasty problem. It is important to clear out hair clogs regularly before the drain becomes totally clogged.

Sewer Odours

If you smell sewer odours in that bathroom it may be that the shower trap is dry, that the drain is clogged, or the drain pipes are damaged. The toilet ring might be old and worn out which can leave space and allow sewer gases to escape. While you can use candles and sprays to hide the odour, it is better to have the smell investigated, pinpoint the source and have it repaired by a reputable plumber.

Dripping Faucets

When a faucet continually drips, it can be extremely annoying. If you have tightened up the tap and that still does not resolve the constant dripping, it can cause issues. More importantly, the small but constant drip of a tap can increase your water bill. If your faucet is dripping constantly, it can cause you to lie awake at night. It can also cause you to not get a restful sleep. It is a good idea to deal with your dripping tap quickly so that it does not become an expensive issue.

Some people are very handy with a wide range of home-related issues while others need help dealing with those issues. Whatever the problem, it is important that it is dealt with quickly so that it does not lead to more expense and damage in the future. A professional plumber can quickly identify and deal with your bathroom plumbing issues, making the necessary repairs.

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